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for every student in Utah. 


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Utah STEM Action Center

K-12 Math Personalized Learning Software Grant


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You have the power to transform learning in Utah

After a rigorous evaluation process, the Utah Stem Action Center has awarded My Math Academy® its K12 Math Personalized Learning Software Grant.

My Math Academy is a research-proven, supplemental program that helps Pre-K through 5th grade students build a strong understanding of standards-aligned math concepts and skills.

Direct instruction, guided practice, and continuous formative assessment is embedded into every level of every game, building foundations for algebra readiness.

  • Intelligent Adaptive Technology

    100 data points taken every 3-4 minutes continually adjust student path and pace towards skills proficiency.

  • Dynamic Scaffolding

    Customized scaffolds before, during, and after every Learning Activity help ensure students are never stuck.

  • Developing Learner Identity

    Engaging companions and curated activity choices build student motivation, agency, and confidence.

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Exceptional Results

During the 2022-2023 school year, pre-K through 3rd grade students in Jefferson County, Florida participated in a pilot study with Age of Learning.  After just 10 weeks, early results were documented, including:

  • Students using My Math Academy for 12 hours on average reached levels equivalent to the next grade in math as measured by the Star Math assessment;
  • Using My Math Academy was related to significant grown in students’ assessment scores; and

  • Educators reported that My Math Academy had a positive impact on their students’ math skills, confidence, and enjoyment in learning math and wanted to continue using the programs.

"We’re looking at our math data, and we’re thinking there is no way this is the same child. Because the skill they came nowhere close to knowing . . . they’re mastering it now and moving 10 steps ahead." 

 — Kindergarten Teacher, Jefferson County, Florida